68 years old fashion blogger makes new trend in social media.

Age is only a number. Again, proved by an old fashion blogger. There’s no reason why your passions and pursuits ought to change that you should act in a particular way to reflect the number of candles on your birthday cake, or as you grow older. 

Suzi Grant’s blog is about adopting your age and showing the world that you can still seek style, fun, and adventure during any period of your life.

Grant, a 68-year-old blogger who resides in Brighton, first launched her blog Choice Ageing in 2014 to assist different people aged more than 50 years old to live healthier and happier lives. 

“I began the site after being inspired by the Advanced Style documentary, a movie by the now famous Ari Seth Cohen, who moves out and about taking photos of fabulous women in NYC and globally,” blogger Grant told. Reported on The Independent.

“Three years on and the blog website is a successful mix of fashion, food, and lifestyle where I invite like-minded girls are the very best they can be, looking good but feeling great!”

Since starting the personal blog, on which Grant shares a variety of fashion tips, health information, recipes, videos and a whole lot more, she has also gained impressive social networking after. 

In the age of 50, Grant felt ignored in the opinion of society as an older woman. 

But over the last few years, as gray hair has turned into an increasingly popular trend, blogger Grant has seen her confidence for a woman in her 60s soar to new heights. 

“I feel invisible, as I did at 50, and nor should you, so I want to talk with you I’ve heard over the years so that you too can grab life by the balls and enjoy it as much as I do!” blogger Grant wrote on her blog.

“Let’s get that #positiveageing message to disperse wide and far.”

Grant posts a variety of vibrant photographs on her Instagram and blog page that display her daring sense of design and her passion for investigating. 

While blogger Grant preaches wholesome living today, she used to direct a drastically different lifestyle. 

After working as a TV and radio reporter and presenter for organizations including Sky News and BBC Radio 4, Grant started blogging. 

But when her mom died from a heart attack at age 63 two years past, Grant decided to turn her life around.

She trained as a nutritionist and has written three novels that focus on encouraging individuals to direct more wholesome lives.  

Grand advice the new generation to keep experiment in all areas like fashion, travel or food and put it in a blog or social media space to showcase it to the world. 

Image courtesy: Instagram

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