AdSense approval only for blogs follow white hat traffic strategies.  

Lots of people attracted to blog writing because it has a good advantage that they can work from home. There is no time to work as a blogger, you can work whenever you have free time.

Its very simple to start a blog, you can even start one without any investment. is a free platform for bloggers. 1000 of people are getting the sign in to to try their luck and to make some money sitting at home.

You can see detailed blog and video tutorials to start blogging. Once the blog platform is ready next tough job is writing unique quality content for it.

As the blogger market fast growth in the online industry made lots of article re-writer software to manage content for the blog.

The black hat method of creating poor quality content is backfiring lots of bloggers. AdSense is not approving any blog that using black hat method of content creations. The poor-quality contents creating an issue for SEO too. The new updates of search engines stopped showing the black hat contents in the search result.

Recently I had seen lots of bloggers asking in an online platform about their blog is not showing in the google search result and asking for advice and solutions.

When I did a study about their blog content, all of them are premature contents on their blogs. Every day’s search engines are getting smarter with the technologies, and the updates can easily find the black hat contents and search engines are blocking such sites from the search results.

The beginners in the blogging industry are trying their luck in getting AdSense approval with a black hat contents on their new blog. For the AdSense approval also not getting with black hat content.

To improve the visitors, experience all search engines are avoiding back hat content from search result since 2017. All bloggers should update their blog with unique quality content to get in the search result. According to google, 152 million bloggers are trying to get their content in search every day.

The black hat content blogs are treated as junk website and never showcase its content in search results. The low-quality pages will be treated as un value pages to show.

Never buy traffics to an AdSense monetized blog. There are lots of websites sells traffic for blog and websites. They claim its organic traffic and it will from some social media pages. But they all are fake and they create traffic using the software. End of the day you will lose your AdSense account. Be aware of such sellers.

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