Best viral marketing strategies for bloggers.

Viral online advertising and viral marketing are the way of allowing people to pass along or distribute service your own solution or advice to others. Its an ideal marketing option for bloggers for who looking for unique traffic to their blog.   

The notion is that you include your online advertising that is targeted with the freebie that a percentage of the recipients will read your ad and order paid services and products at any stage later on. 

That will help you kick start some viral campaigns, here are some good viral marketing strategies and ideas to bring up your blog:

Article sharing 

Give other bloggers the right to reproduce your article with a backlink to your blog. They could use them on sites, in courses, guides, ezines, publish newsletters, magazines, reports, e-books and much more, so on your resource box or byline at the end of the guide, add consent for others to reprint the piece, keeping the resource box intact. It’s an effective way to share content with a backlink to boost your blog SEO and some direct visit from the readers.

Contest forum

Set up an online forum or discussion board with your banner ad on top and share it with other people who do not have anything similar. Invite forum readers to link up in a similar manner. It can be a social media promotion to participate in the discussions and some people can convert to your regular blog visitors.

Free E-books

Create unique content and make a special e-book, learning series or thing and add your blog links in all possible sections. Invite your clients, prospects, and others to include these specials as freebies or free bonuses to their own clients, prospects, members and others. A good quality e-book can easily go viral and convert some traffic from it for long term.

Free classified section

Set up classifieds section on your blog that was free to post classified ads viewers can post in it. Based on it your blog getting more content and more pageview. Also, the readers will revisit the blog to add more classifieds posts. So, this free ad section you can keep it for a short-time base. So has to revisit your blog to renew their classifieds.

Free blogger templates

This also a unique idea for bloggers to get a place in viral marketing. Free templates for bloggers will be a real help for new bloggers who don’t have enough money to hire a designer to develop own design. An experienced blogger knows well what kind of blogger templates will get approval from AdSense.

Maybe 10 basic blogger templates can provide for free and who want more development on that templates could pay and get it done. This also two of money-making blog idea from ads revenue and blogger templates selling. 

In the free blogger templates, you can add your blog address and that will bring a huge volume of traffic to your website. 

Free link building

Establish a totally free link directory. Keep a section in your blog to exchange links or other bloggers can submit a link on your blog. It is another reason to come back to a visitor to your blog and keep post his link on your blog.

Free video tutorial.

Your video may be a free 5-minute consulting session about e-mails, search engine, domain name or RSS submissions, etc. or any other subject related to your blog content. Invite others to discuss these solutions with their subscribers, website visitors, and others. It’s should benefit to the blog visitors and they should share it for others watch.

A blog for free logo design.

Logo design for free? are you crazy? Believe me, it works wonders! Start a blog everything about logo designing. Let’s start with the rationale of a log and you can write some more articles about the creative side of it. Once you have hands-on unique articles about logo designs you can start marketing your logo design blog on social media and the online platforms where you can share your links for free of cost. Once the visitors started to visit the logo blog, you can add free logo designs (it can be just basics). Your blog visitors may need more inputs in your free logo design you can charge for them doing the additional work for them. Imagine how much money you can make from it. If any place their getting some service free, then you will have good volume traffic to your blog and will be another revenue model for it.    

So, kick start your own viral campaigns. See what works best for your blog, then replicate with new campaigns all year long to keep a healthy stream of leads coming your way.

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