How to do article marketing for your blog?

You’ve learned about the AdSense craze and decided that you are going to get your share of AdSense cash flow from a new blog. You’ve either built a blog website or purchased one, and you’re ready to rock! Right?

You may submit the blog links to each search engine and directory that you may consider, dreaming of tens of thousands of traffic coming in from each search engine on the web world. Then you sit back and wait. Checking your account daily expecting to see the rush of visitors pouring into your blog.

However, for some reason, it doesn’t come to your blog. The days of the above-mentioned business plan for blog traffic working are long over. It may have worked well in 1996, but in 2018 you’re going to have to do a great deal more to promote your brand-new blog.

There continue to be traffic sources that are free on the market, but they need something in return and your new blog to connect. Content. This is where article advertising comes in.

The concept is very simple. You write an article that’s relevant within the post’s footer or the article, inserting a hyperlink or two to your website’s subject. You then submit it.

They subsequently publish your article on their blog or website, providing you a link back to your new website and possibly sending some of the traffic to your blog.

Lots of news portals out there have a lot of very good traffic to share. They publish your business article on their news website and provide a backlink to your blog. Its help your blog to get traffic as well as you will get quality backlink for your blog. When it is finally time for Google to rank your blog website they can genuinely help your Google Page Rank.

Google would like to see links from other websites with similar content to your site.

So, the links you can be given by these news portals are critical to the burden of your website in the long run.

But the news portals are only the first stop on this particular article. Virtually all the news portals encourage webmasters to republish your articles with similar topics.

One blog article can turn into literally thousands of inbound links within the weeks ahead. This effect is precisely what we’re searching for. Article marketing is just as powerful as your devotion to it though.

If not tens of thousands of inbound links to truly build your site’s traffic and page ranking you’re likely to want quality high DA links.

A couple of articles isn’t going to do this for you. It’s going to have a commitment on your part. There are lots of article marketers on the net submitting as many as ten articles a day in a bid to promote their sites. They clearly see the worth of article marketing and they don’t intend to do the work.

Even your blog has good traffic and ranked high in domain authority, you can even start market articles for others blog.

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