How to make money with a blog from affiliate programs?

If you are a product review blogger or a product user guide blogger then affiliate programs are the best money-making source for you. As you add the product benefits and features in the blog content you can link it to any online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Each time your blog user visits the affiliate’s website through your link and while doing online shopping you also will get a commission out of it.

Some affiliates program pay money for the lead generation. Traffic that generated from your blog to the online shopping site and after the website visitor enters his personal pieces of information like email and mobile number you will get paid for lead generation.

Affiliates program is an ideal option for bloggers who have low CPC traffic. Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa AdSense CPC are very low, in that you can use affiliates marketing as an alternative.

In affiliates marketing Web hosting service providers are pay 10-15 USD for a payout. You can sell hosting and domain through affiliate marketing. Instead of getting 0.03 USD from a CPC click payment after purchase is an ideal option.

Some pharma company’s pay 30- 50 USD after the product purchase through affiliates marketing. Nowadays most of the high CPC google ads won’t pay to the publisher just getting a click on their ads. The ad click must be converted a business or the visitor must be interested in in the product and created a lead for an advertiser. That way nowadays affiliate marketing is more popular in the blogger nation.

Peerfly is one of the best affiliates site offer lead generation programs for all country. Instant Checkmate is one of the top money-making programs in Peerfly for bloggers. It pays 39 USD for each sale.

Zippy Loan in Peerfly pays 44 USD for each successful sales lead. There are 100s of product to sell through your blog in Peerfly.

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