How to start an educational blog?

Most of the bloggers are interested to start an education blog because of the keywords are good for to display high CPC ads by Google AdSense. You can cover so many areas about the education sector in a blog.

Before starting an educational blog just look out the top niches for the blog in the below list.

  1. Online Education
  2. MBA Education
  3. Top International Collages
  4. Job Opportunity Courses
  5. Health Care Courses

These 5 topics are just general for a niche blog subject. You can have your specialized subject for your blog. Always try for a new niche in a specialized subject. Focus on one single point instead of trying to cover all subject in the education industry.

  1. Let’s start with an online education blog. For a blogger, it’s a wide subject. Its like sea. How to start an online education blog?

First, make a content strategy for your online education blog. The strategy may be a position like “Solution provider for online education”. It’s a working idea.

A blog that provides all solutions for online education. It can start with the importance of online education. The next stage can cover-up the best online colleges in the world. The third face for your online education blog can help students for the admissions section.

There is an endless thing to add on to an online education blog. The fifth phase can cover reviews about online courses and colleges. This section could add the quality of study materials and video tutorials. This stage the blogger should have to visit the online colleges to write more about them.

Next is a blog to care of MBA students. An educational blogger can start the blog with a post listing all MBA courses and the future benefits of the courses. Like the befits of MBA in hotel management. Or campus selection in MBA HR.

Most of the MBA graduates facing issue in placement, as an education blogger you cover their problem and solution in your blog.

Another area your cover in your blog is about executive MBA. Most of the working professionals get help from your blog.

Benefits from the education blog.

The education sector is one of the highest paid keywords, it will help an education blogger to make a good amount of money from his blog. An education blogger can make up to 3000 USD monthly if he keeps adding unique content to the blog.

The education sector has a large volume of organic traffic from the search engines, if your blog has unique quality content in it, you can convert this traffic to your blog.

To know how to get organic traffic to your blog, read this article.

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