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How to use social media for your blog marketing?

Most of the experienced bloggers know well how difficult is getting traffic to a blog. For a new blogger its really tough job to get traffic to their blog. Only one option is paid online advertising for them. The expansive method of investment to get traffic is not an ideal solution for new bloggers. The best option to get traffic for new bloggers is social media marketing.

Social media for blog.

How social media work for bloggers? To get free traffic to the blog, your blog content has to go viral. It can take your blog content to places. Every part of the world. How far it’s gone that much large visitors will land to your blog. A fb share can get 83 visitors to your blog.

People used to read 30 minutes news paper every day. Now days this ratio is reducing. In todays world people use internet daily 5- 10 hours. Its for commercial and personal purpose. If we look at social media usage, it is up to 3 hours daily. Usage of social media have massive increase since last 5 years and show the scope of blog marketing through social media.

60% of internet users visit top 10 social net working website. It’s an ideal platform for bloggers who looking to get massive traffic to their blog posts. Some top social media websites like Facebook, twitter, Printest, reddit are good social media platforms to get viral your blog content for free of cost.

Social media for paid blog promotions.

Targeted online marketing is the advantage for social media. Based your blog niche you can target your audience. If your blog is related online education and social media paid promotions can target only the one who interested in online education. It will be a focused target and they are your actual blog readers. So, it will be value for money marketing. Our traditional media like news paper or TV is for a wide marketing, it don’t any specific target group option.

Social media paid platform have various section to target nature your blog and it content related people can target through paid ads campaign. If your blog is related to wine, SM ads can show only people is interested on wines. Same the blog promotion can show a targeted age group. If wine lovers are 20- 30 age group, the ads will show only them.

Another advantage social media ad can show location based. If your blog reader only from New York the SM ads can show only in New York. Next important thing is consumer behavior. The wine blog ads can show only based on the consumer behavior and insights.

Paid ads on social media for blog?

It’s an important question from most of the bloggers, how do it benefits doing paid ads for blogs. If you’re your blog is focusing only to make money from AdSense, then paid ads are not a right choice. If your blog has affiliates marketing and it pay high then you definitely try paid ads for your blog. Or your blog sells some product or service like software or pdf books, paid ads works here too.

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