How you can get your website AdSense approval very easy?

Tried lots to get an AdSense approval for your blog website but not getting it? It’s time to review your website design and content.

The AdSense approval is based on two things it’s based on the design and the content. While designing a website for blog purpose most of the web designers not aware about the AdSense quality guidelines.

In the blog, the design uses fewer images.

Most of them use lots of images and less space for content on the home page. It’s one of the main reason for the disapproval. Always website home page should look at fewer images and make it site look more professional and international look. Keeping white background and unique typeface gives a professional approach.

Add more quality content on the homepage.

AdSense is for content, the ads they placed on a blog is it based on the content what you put on your blog. Add more quality content on the home page to understand google about your blog niche.

Quality and unique content.

Always add only quality unique content in your blog. It’s not only just plagiarism free text, but it’s also should have quality writing skills in it without any grammar or spelling mistakes. Instead of adding 100 immature articles, add only 15 unique quality articles in one niche, it’s made easier to get the AdSense approval.

Avoid animations from blog designs.

The blog design must be very simple and content should be accessible to the Google robots. Test animations and videos are in the home page blogs won’t get approval from AdSense.

Organic traffics

It’s easier to get AdSense to approve if the website has some kind of organic traffics from search engines and social media. Share your blog content on social media platforms and it will help to get some unique traffics to your blog.

Responsive blog design  

Google loves responsive websites because it increases mobile views. A responsive website is a new technology that renders with all platform such as desktop, mobile, and tab. The responsive blog changes the design according to the screen size as well. The images what you use in the responsive blog design do the fitting according to the screen size.

For the beginner bloggers who still trying to get the AdSense approval can try these points and cross the first step in the blogging carriers.

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