Major mistakes to notice while doing a blog brand building.

Every blogger dream is getting millions of visitors to his blog, achieving this dream is a tough and time-consuming job. Also, need good investment to build a blog to a reputed brand.

Brands are not only products, but it can also be a service or user experience. A blog also can be a brand or a blogger can be also a brand. Once your readers start loving your blog, it’s a brand. Let’s look at some important points to notice while building your blog as a brand.

Think BIG

Foundation is very important for any buildup if its in the case of construction, business or a blog. Maybe you have started a blog with very less budget but make sure its foundations are strong enough to get index in search engines.

Before design, the blog, start to make your blog brand strategy. Define the user insight and based on it select the keyword that can bring massive traffic to your bog.

Add meta tags and title tag on your blog at the first stage based on your targeted blog keywords. Focus on SEO friendly design to get index in search engines fast.

Strategy-oriented blog building.

Getting traffic is the final objective for all bloggers. To achieve the blogger aim, you have to consider your blog like the brand. Let’s check out some points to notice at the process of a blog brand building.

Blogger templates is an important act for the blog brand building. The professional blog templates designs give an international blogger image. You can use modern typeface and typography for the blog templates for modern outlook.

Make it simple, the blog template design should look very simple. It should have a creative message in it. Avoid flash animations and loader that kill your blog loading speed.

Most of the bloggers love adding lots of colors into it. Avoid using multiple colures patterns like a rainbow. Use color themes based on the blog content.

If the blog content is related to finance use blue because of its more corporate stuff. Or your blog is related to natural or health, use green color, it has an association with nature. Its all about your blog design concept. Red is for power, orange is for warm, lemon yellow for freshness.

The objective of the blog

Most of the bloggers don’t have any objective in their blog. Lets workout an objective before start writing for a blog. What is this blog all about? How this blog benefits its users? Who is going to visit my blog? What they will like in my blog?

Just do a self-study about it and you can create an objective for your blog. The blog objective is like driving with a proper road map, so you can reach your destination.

In your blog objective, you can have a route plan about how many articles to add in your blog in the first week and plan for next month and for a year too. In that plan, you can add another section for link building and backlinks creation. One more section for social media section for blog content sharing and content video creation. Make sure you have a proper plan for your blog building.

Add google analytics in the blog.

Analytics can easily track your blog visitors and their behavior. That will give a clear picture of what the blog visitors like in your blog. Analytics showcase your visitor’s location and their age groups. Based on the analytics study you can have a plan about the upcoming content creation for the blog.

This can identify the blog visitors interested pages and how many pages they are seen based on similar content. This will help to know what subject is more interested in the blog.

Budget for blog brand building.

Most of the bloggers don’t keep any budget for blog brand building. If it’s the very small amount invested in the right place to get some organic traffics. Some bloggers invest lots of money to build a blog or buy a blog but they are not keen to invest in the blog brand development. Bloggers can start investing on the blog marketing side for a trail base, if it’s getting benefits for your blog, increase the budget.

Avoid paying money for buying traffic for the blog from online sellers, it’s not organic traffic and it may get cancel your AdSense account.

Look for long-term

Always investment for a blog should be the long-term base because blogs need good quality unique content to get indexed in search engines. Also creating quality backlinks are a time-consuming job, so think about long term base investment for a blog. Some greedy bloggers try to make money from the next day through invalid activity from the blog and get penalized and lose their investments in a day.

Believe in one thing, that is no short-cut to make money from a blog, only hard work and dedication bring the blog up.

As a blogger most, the important thing is always research and write a new thing about your niche subject. Use social media to build up a group for your blog readers. Keep post new fresh ideas.

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