What is a blog? How to create one?

In this section I will cover most of the questions about blogging like, What is a blog? How to start a blog? How to create a blog?

What is a blog?

This article is for the people who interested to start their career as blogging and they don’t have any idea about how to create one blog to start doing it. First, let me explain what is a blog. It’s an online website, people write their experience with any subject. If you are a fashion designer, you can write about the latest trend in fashion or you can upload your portfolio and explain about your designs. For the fashion designer can use his blog to showcase his creativity on it.

If you are a student and doing your study about world history, even you can write about your views and points about world history. Political involvement of each nation and their attitude about world war. This can also be a subject for your blog. 

The blog is the website that you adding your writing skills and people can get information’s and they can interact with the blog writer to ask some questions about the content of the blog. Now you must have a basic idea about a blog.

Any subject can put in a blog and the one who writes for a blog is known as a blogger. A blogger can be a student or a working professional or maybe a homemaker. Just describe well what you do at home, it can also be a blog. 

For homemakers they start writing about caring for kids, its an also important subjects for a new mother. Even cooking is also a good subject for homemaker bloggers. Nowadays lots of homemaker bloggers started writing about their experience about pet care. Makeup tips also can be subject to homemaker bloggers.

I think now you got a clear idea about the blog. If you understand what is blog then we can check out how to create a blog.

How to create a blog?

There is two way to create a blog. One is a professional way and the other one is just a starter blog. Now let’s talk about the blog for a starter. It’s very simple you can just log on to blogger.com and sign up with your Gmail account and it takes you a page ask you add a blog name. You can add any name theirs based on your content subject. If you are going to write about kids care then you can make your blog called “kidscareideas” or “kidssafetytips” or “ babycaretips” based on the blog name availability you can choose your blog name.

Your blog is created now. Check this video to see how to create a blog.

After login into a blog, you can see in the top left corner in an orange button “New Post“ just click on it to start writing your first blog post. Its open a window with two text areas. One is for the headline and another one for the subject.

If you are creating the blog is for kids care ideas, then you add a headline something like “5 easy tips to keep the kids while doing homework” then start writing your tips to care the kid.  

While writing the subject in blog, you can add images based on it also can link your content to some reference youtube video too.

Now you are a blogger. Add more content related to kids care in your blog and start sharing that on your personal social media platforms to get some readers to your new blog.

Creating a professional blog with a domain.

The other way to create a blog is for professional bloggers. The one who is planning to take his career as a professional blogger. Doing blogging with blogger.com is was 100 free. You don’t need to pay for any domain name and hosting space. But the professional way to create a blog you have to invest in a domain name and hosting server space.

What is a domain name? It will be your blog address. If you are starting a blog based on fashion designing and fashion related news and updates. In that case, you need to take a domain related to fashion. Eg: www.myfashionworld.com or www.thecbcnews.com. If you are going to start a new blog to review brands, then you can take a domain like www.brandsoftheday.com or www.brandreview.com. The domain name will be the brand name of your blog.

Where you can this domain name to create a blog? Now you are clear about the domain name, let’s check out where we can buy one. There are lots of web companies sell domain names online. We can purchase one domain using your credit card or debit card. Here the place where you can purchase a domain.

1. A2 Hosting

2. Bluehost.com

This is two leading online domain sellers. You try any of this seller. Most of them have the same price for it. You can pay for a year and can renew it every year. 

Once your investment is done with a domain name, what is next? OK. Now let’s get a blog template. There are some online websites gives free blog templates, but it will have only basic features like adding text and an image. Most of the free blog templates have limits for use. Some can add only 10 pages and they will add their web address on it. All this thing will be there in the free blog templates.

The other good option is to purchase a blog template, this can be edited at your end and can make unique the way you like. You can change the design and color of the blog template. You have lots of templates design to select according to your taste.

Once the blog template is ready, you need to host it on server space. You can a server space also from where you purchase the domain name. 

There are two types of server available. One is Linux based and windows based. Linux based is cheaper than a Windows-based server. I do suggest to go for a Linux based server. Linux based server can host open coding like PHP, WordPress, etc…         

Once the hosting is ready you can upload the blogger templates to the hosting space. Its take 24 hours to live your blog on the web. Once your blog is live on the net you can start uploading new articles to your blog.

How to write a blog?

Now we are ready with a blog.  We had registered a domain name and hosted it on server space, now let’s look at it how to write content for the blog. While design and develop a blog we can ask for the designer for back-end section to post an article on the blog. The back-end admin section will come with username and password. Once you login into the back-end section will give space to write your article for the blog. In this section, you can edit your content and can upload an image along with the writing.   

Hop this article will help you to create a blog. If you have any questions feel free to put it in the comment box. Thank you.

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