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What is blog writing?

For advertising writers blog writing is an ideal alternative to make money from home. As everyone know there is no time for family life while working for an ad agency as a copy writer. Deadline to deadline and corrections to changes. No social life at all. Other bad side is cracking ideas and concepts. Just hectic life! But they don’t have another choice, some started doing freelance but there is no fixed income and that’s another issue.

Ok. Let’s stop all that, we have another option. Yes, its blogging. I know most of the ad agency writers must be tried it. I know you must not make any good amount from it and must be stopped the blogger career.

Can you believe that an art director made millions from a blog? I know its not essay to believe it. But that is true his name is Ivan Raszl, he was the founder of ads of the world, it’s an advertising portfolio-based blog. It was a unique idea when he brings in to the online world. Later it was sold to an American based online media company.

Why the ad agency copy writing skill not working with blog to make money?

If you can find the problem in it, then you can start making money. Here no need any solution, just we need to understand the problem in blog writing.

Let’s look at from the start! What is blog writing?

One thing is sure, its not like advertising copy writing. As blog writer you need to write loot. Normally for ad campaigns three or four headlines and same body copy for all four campaigns. Right? A small paragraph body copy. Who have time to read more? True most of the time our ads and copy not even getting noticed by a reader.

Again, what is blog writing? One thing is sure! Its not like advertising copy writing. There is not client to ask for changes or an option for headline. What ever you write that will get published on a blog. If search engines like what you wrote, it will display on the search result.

So, here is the real money-making stuff in the blog. Displaying your blog in search result by search engines. Now some writers must be thinking, I know it, it is SEO, but need to spend for it. That’s very true! You need to invest for SEO.

Actually, the secret is, don’t need a SEO if your blog has unique quality multiple content in same niche on it. Believe me, search engine love unique quality content. That’s it! Money will start to flow now. This is the way good quality blog make money. Unique content > Search result > Traffic to Blog > Money.

Simple formula, right? This all about a blog.

Now your must be thinking about your all blog post was unique, but why that our search engine like it? You may be writing one or two articles in one subject and 3rd one may be another topic. A blog with different subject is hard to find place in search engine result. I found some blogger keep adding political news, it’s don’t have a niche content and hard to find in search engine results.

Let’s start writing on a particular subject and add more unique content in same subject, 100 articles in one or two keywords will surely bring some traffics to your blog.

Get more control on traffic to the blog and that will bring good money to you.

Money from blog writing.

Now your blog is ready with rich niche content, no just do a case study that how we can make money out of it. As you have 100 articles on your blog based on three or four keywords. Now these two key worlds should bring 2000 visitors daily to your website, just plan that way.

This is not a big job, its practical and we can make it. How? Let’s go to the key word tool and find 4 keywords from same niche, each should have 3000 searches daily. 4 keywords X 3000 search = 12000 visitors.

From these 12000 visitors, if we get 25 % traffic from search engine to your blog, that’s around 3000 visitors a day. Now let’s look how much money these 3000 visits can make a blogger.

3000 visitors will view other 3 pages minimum in the same subject and will be 12000-page view by these 3000 visitors in day.

12000 page view can make approximately 30- 40 USD in a day from your blog.

Sounds good? But how?

12000 page view from low cpc key word can’t make 40 USD in a day. For you have to find a high cpc key world for your blog niche. Also, that key word should have good volume search on net. So, the key world what you choose for your blog is very important to make money from your blog.

Let’s look at some high cpc key words.

  1. Insurance
  2. Lawyers firm
  3. Education
  4. Charity
  5. Hosting

From this 5 high cpc key words, how you can get 3000 visitors to your blog?

From this list “Education” have good amount of search every day on the net, if you can get 1% of the search traffic to your blog, you can easily archive 3000 education niche visitors a day.

Now you got the topic to write, but will write in education? And what location should target? You can start writing about any thing in education, may be about collages have advertising courses. Now most important thing is location, if you can target USA, your blog cpc will be very high, but worldwide education cpc also good.

Now let’s try this method, it takes some time to index keywords in search engine, I think it take two year to archive your target. Keep adding unique contents on your blog and grow step-by-step.

Is their any easy way to get your blog index in search engine fast?

Actually, noting is easy! A blog content is getting indexed in the first page’s search engine is tough job. The original unique quality content only gets indexed in search engines. But an SEO can help your blog content a boost to improve the search result positions.

SEO? What is it? Read more about SEO in the next article.

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