How to make a Powerpoint designs same as a creative designer does?

Everyone has creativity at some point. Implementing it in your Powerpoint in the right manner will scale your creativity at your job. The one who succeeds in a creative job is the one who did thinking and planning before starting doing presentation templates. It’s a really very easy task if you implement this practice while designing your Powerpoint presentation.

Most of the marketing professionals face the designing issue while doing their Powerpoint presentation templates. The designs are not looking great as their corporate profile or other marketing materials. The issue is most of the marketing materials are designed by creative design studios.

How can do your Powerpoint presentation templates also look like a well-designed professional presentation? It only needs little hard work and dedication and brings some creativity into your presentation templates.

The first thing is following the basic principles such as think and plan before start working on the presentation template. While planning the design of the slide gets content connectivity thought the presentation.

Try to design a cover template similar to your company profile. Get the same design elements in the inside slides to get the design connectivity throughout the slides too.

Great designs are not just born; it’s created by a thought process. Take some time to do a decent looking design. Try to make the design is simple and clean as much as possible. Select the typeface that matches your corporate identity. Use colors that match with the brand image. Use a simple template style as the basic design and develop from their adding image and text into it.

How to add creativity to make the template designs look professional?
The first step is to understand your brand guideline. What each page have common in it? Does the guideline describe something about the internal Powerpoint template designs? It must be guided to the user to keep some design elements as the base and follow the brand color and font throughout the presentation.

Well, you may be a project manager or a business executive. Now it’s time to add your creativity before doing the presentation. Let’s start with this order.
• Make your content ready before start designing the presentation.
• Get all relevant images to add in the templates.
• Plan page sequence.
• Get all infographics
• Brand/corporate logo
• Graphics icons

Once things are ready to start, first do the cover page design. Add short headline on the cover page about the presentation subject. You can have here a basic design element that matches your brand identity and a visual that connects with the presentation subject. Choose a typeface (fonts) that match with your logo to keep the brand identity in the Powerpoint presentation too.

Ones the cover page ready move on the inside template. First inside can be the objective of the presentation. It can be executed with a visual that represents a long term goal or about a future plan. Add the subjective text to explain the objective of the presentation. Keep some design elements from the cover page to get the design consistency.

Let’s go to the next slide. This one can be the vision of your company. Follow the same design template to keep the slide consistency. Just add a new image that represents the vision. If this page talking about any financial or growth plans for next year, you can also add a graphic icon to show it.

Start working on based brand identity and put your ideas into the design templates, you will start feeling the creativity inside you.
Once all templates are ready with the content design you can move to the next stage. Animation makes your presentation a real boost. While animating the contents always go for a short time and simple animations. Multilayer animations take more time to present the subject and sometime it couldn’t finish it in the given time frame.

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