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How to create a SEO strategy for your blog? 

Most of the “The Bloggers Nation” readers know how to start a blog. If you are new reader here, you can check the other article here, that explain how to start a blog. We had covered the section “how to create a blog for free” to start a blog without any cost and “start a blog” for to create a blog with a domain name and dedicated hosting space in a professional manner.

As all we know the most important thing for a blogger is traffic to his blog. Without getting organic traffic the blog can’t make financial gain. Here is the important for a SEO marketing strategy for a blog.

SEO is building strategy for a blog is deep routed work. Now days search engine index only unique quality content with high domain authority websites backlinks. Every normal search has 3 million to 30 million search result connecting to blogs and websites. Getting your blog link the first place in this really tough job. Isn’t it?

In this competitive web world, we can’t stay away from SEO because it is only the organic way to get traffic to your blog.

Professional bloggers can hire a SEO company to get index their blog keywords in the first search result. For a starter blogger it’s not advisable, because SEO work will take 6- 1 year to index keywords for a starter domain.

Unique Quality Content (UQC)

First important thing is for any blog strategy is unique content. Without original content your blog will be nothing. Once you are good in writing original content is same niche 50% of your blog SEO work is done. Don’t expect copied article from internet will bring traffic to your blog.

Set an objective of your blog

First just a vision of your blog. What this blog going to do in the internet world. Is this provide any service to it users? This blog helps its visitors? It gives any guidance to the readers? Also look in to the other side like who is going to visit my site? They will visit again? They will ask their friends to visit your blog?

Consider all this question while you set an objective for your blog. Based on it you can finalize the objective. Remember one thing it should have some kind of benefits for the readers so they can use that and refer their friends to get that benefits from your blog.

Once your blog objective is ready get all available information about it. Workout well and plan how to start with. Write the first post, what is all about it, all area is going to cover this blog.

If I say an example, starting blog for IELTS. So, the blog could start with what is IELTS? What is the use? What all country it prefers. Other articles will be the helping guide, about international university, admission without IELTS, study materials etc. Here is some kind of usage for its readers. I selected my target group, student who going to study international university. My objective or this blog is to give education guidance for students who going international universities Their benefits from this blog is they getting all guidance and study materials from this blog and its reason them to keep visit my IELTS blog.

All this thing is good. But how its benefits to your blog SEO? 

Yes. It’s gets benefits to your blog SEO, you need to add one more thing in your list before fix your objective. That is your blog content subject, this is all so know as blog keywords or niche keywords.

You have to find out and finalize your keywords while making the blog objective. The keywords selections are based on the search volume on the internet. Some select keywords for their blog based on the CPC too. Top corporate bloggers select keywords based on the search volume and CPC. But that have a big competition from top bloggers.

Once you select keywords for your blog, you have to use those keywords in all of your articles it will help your blog SEO to get index fast.

How to do SEO for blog?

Now your blog is ready with unique niche content. Let’s look at how we can index your blog keywords on search result. SEO have two sections.

  1. Online SEO
  2. Offline SEO

What is online SEO?

Online line SEO for your blog is optimizing keywords on your webpage. You have to add a metatag keyword, title tag and description tag on your blog home page and inner pages.

What is Offline SEO?

Offline SEO is connecting your blog article to another website. This is called backlink creation. In backlink creation works well with high domain authority news portal or niche content website link a keyword to your blog.

Offline SEO have other area like PDF share, social bookmarking, directory submissions, image sharing and video sharing. It’s a regular work for minimum 1 year will help your blog in search engine result.

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