Writing lots for the blog but still not generating enough money. Same issue for you too?

Most of the blogger have the same issue and desperate writers and give up the blog writing and shifted their career to other areas. As they think it’s not easy to getting traffic and making money out of it. Some have managed to get some CTR but the outcome is too low.

Here are some tips to do in the blog to improve the CTR rate and get some decent return out of it.

Make long content

Making long content in a single article will help you to add more ads inside the article. It gives good CTR and more change to getting ad clicks. Adding long content will not look like ads filled a page.

Article subjects can connect together in a single article to get enough space on the page to put more ads in it.

Add more text ads

Text ads are the real money makers. Most of the text ads are CPC based and all clicks will convert into earnings. 50% display ads are impression based and that ads click will not make any revenue generation.

Another advantage of the text advertising is you can make it look like the part of the content. Putting a simple text format is better than colorful advertising. The text advertising can blend with a blog design and readers can engage with that too. You can experiment different style of text ads and based on the best ad format can put in all blog page.

Add keyword-based content.

Whatever is your niche, keep ad same keyword or related keyword-based content on the blog. It helps Google to place high bids ads to your blog in the same niche. If the blog content doesn’t have any target keywords, AdSense places low CPC ads (maximizes click ads) on your blog. Focus on keyword-based articles on the blog.

The other positive factor is same keyword-based article will help to increase the page view of your blog. A visitor will read multiple pages in the same keyword articles in your blog, if it doesn’t have a focused keyword article the blog visitor will close the site after reading a single page. Multiple page views will help the blog visitor to stay long on the bog and it reduces the website bounce rate too.

Professional blog designs

The blog looks and feels also very important as unique content. Always keep the blog designs looks international. Don’t make ad clutter. Keep it simple and nice. Put a maximum of 3 ads on a blog page. If the article is long, you can add 1 or 2 extra ads in the article. Get a professional web designer helps to make the blog look like international. Avoid putting affiliates ads that download software. Most of the blog visitors hate popup ads that download something to their desktop.

Start experimenting all these points on your blog and based on the outcome you can go to the next stage like SEO or digital marketing to get more traffic to your blog.

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